All Things D: World Debut of Guitar Hero 4

Bezos just exited, but we've got more for you. The CEO of Activision is here to talk about the future of gaming consoles and video games. We'll stick to the hardware side of things and report on that only, so updates will come slowly.


Kara: What's important about the physicality of gaming these days?

Robert: The physical interface is changing things.

Kara: How do you see people being immersive? Do you think that'll happen more and more in the future?

Robert: We're quite a ways off from a Minority Report type of UI.

Kara: What are the broadband limitations around the world when it comes to gaming?

Robert: You still have an enormous base of broadband users in the US, but the game is not passing that much data. In Korea, they have 25Mbit lines, so everything distributes online there, but here we use packages. Previously, he compared PS3's Blu-ray disc capacity of 50+ gigs, which would be painful to download for most.

Kara made a jab at the Rock Band and GH4 similarities.

Robert: The difference is that you can compose music here and send it to your friends. You can create music if you're not a musician and publish it to

Paula Abdul (yes) is judging the Guitar Hero contest they're holding on stage. Tony Hawk is going on stage?


[Note, I'm doing back to chronological order, sorry for the mixup in formats.]

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