All This Game Boy Luggage Needs Is a Konami Code Seat Upgrade

If you were a kid who grew up with a Game Boy, aside from school, you took that portable console everywhere you went. But now that you're a smartphone-toting grown-up traveling all over the country for business, you can trade in your Game Boy for ThinkGeek's adorable Travel Boy carry-on—no batteries required.

Designed to easily squeeze into most overhead bins, what the Travel Boy lacks in working buttons or a functional LCD display, it makes up for with multiple pockets to securely hold its contents, and a set of four 360 degree swivelling wheels which makes racing through airports a lot easier. At $70 it even includes a game—a variation on Tetris that has you trying to perfectly pack and squeeze as much clothing as you can inside to avoid having to pay for checked baggage. [ThinkGeek]


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