All 3 of Apple TV+'s Shows Are Free to Watch Now Too

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Apple TV+, the tech giant’s foray into the streaming wars, may not have the library to match some of its rivals. But Apple is making some of its series and films available for free anyhow. If you haven’t taken it’s $5-per-month subscription service for a spin just yet, now’s your chance.

Apple TV+ launched last year with a meager lineup of originals—a catalog that has grown in the months since it launched but is still absolutely tiny compared to a service like Disney+ or HBO. Apple’s tentpole productions, The Morning Show and See, won’t be included with the free offerings. But there are still some good ones you might be interested in streaming if you haven’t yet tried the service, including the M. Night Shyamalan joint Servant—a show I definitely enjoyed—as well as Little America, Dickinson, For All Mankind (which Gizmodo’s Alex Cranz claims is the best TV+ content available), The Elephant Queen, and Snoopy in Space. You’ll be able to find them under the Free for Everyone section of the app.


If you’re hoping to access Apple’s catalog at large, the company does offer a free seven-day for new users of the service (which is separate from the free year customers get for buying a new Apple device). My advice? Take advantage of the free content and save your weeklong-trial chip for something truly buzzworthy—like the Martin Scorsese joint Killers of the Flower Moon that could, maybe wind up at Apple TV+ (but possibly also Netflix and maybe neither, according to the Wall Street Journal). Apple could use another good movie besides The Banker—and it just may have the deep pockets needed to take on the eye-popping $200 million-plus budget for the film. Trust me when I say you’re not missing much by skipping The Morning Show.

As people are sheltering at home, more and more streaming services have made all or part of their catalogs available to everyone. HBO, for example, made a sizable chunk of its content free to stream. Plex is giving away three months for free. Sling has made both on-demand and live TV free through a free portal that doesn’t require a subscription. And Google has made Stadia, its gaming service, free for the next two months as well.


To be clear, this is definitely a nice way for these companies to get their hooks into new subscribers masked as convenient altruism. But the content is free just the same, and so long as you remember to cancel any extended trials you sign up for before they start charging you, it’s certainly something to take advantage of while you’re spending more time at home.