AlterEgo Shows Off Incredibly Realistic 3D Animated Faces

Pendulum Studios, the guys who brought you the in-game movies in Stuntman 2 and are working on the forthcoming Silent Hill 5, have released a couple videos showing off their AlterEgo team's proprietary facial performance software. The program brings out some of the most realistic and precise 3D animated expressions available to the market today. When you've finished watching the (kind of hilarious) video above, check out the company's hi-res demo videos as well. [Technabob]



@yogibimbi: "the problem for some of you could be that of a musician who is listening to music: You are cursed to never really be able to enjoy the music as a whole, but are always going into the details and even the best performers in this world still make frequent errors."

Well, as a composer and multi-instrumentalist, I'll say I don't have that affliction, nor do my peers. (or I wouldn't work with them!) I am not shackled by the narrow minded, one style bullshit or perfectionist crap either. As far as the "whole"...sorry, but if a tiny part of a composition is lame, that detracts from the "whole". You can't blow 16 bars of drivel and then expect the listener to appreciate the rest = cross eyed character is DISTRACTING.

Either way, I wouldn't even compare this to "300"...since they are two completely different applications. "300" doesn't have any cross-eyed characters, only gratuitous slow-mo and lots of blood.