Amazing Multicopter Could Be Your Ticket to The Heavens

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Why screw around with one propellor when your personal multicopter can have 16. I cannot wait to hover around my neighborhood making everyone jealous and finding frisbees stuck on roofs.


The German e-volo multicopter is the first manned electric multicopter to take flight according to the company. The pilot, Thomas Senkel utilized a hand-held wireless control unit to steer the spider-like contraption from a center-mounted seat. The initial flight only lasted approximately 90 seconds, but potential flight time could last as long as 30 minutes. A gas/electric hybrid copter could stay afloat for as long as an hour according to the company. Watch the video below for copter-flying action.

The company is working on a commercial version of the multicopter that would available in the next few years. No word on pricing or if you get the yoga ball thrown in for free. [e-volo via Gizmag]


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Not good! How are you going to autogyro that thing when the circuit board shorts out?! You are pretty much dead at that point. There is no redundancy. Yes the fact that there multiple blades helps but what about what powers those blades and the control system behind them? Nice idea but they better have redundant, separate power and control systems before I'm trusting my life to it.