As a web-hosting and cloud service, AWS presides over large swathes of the internet—so much so that an AWS outage can effectively brick most commonly-used websites. AWS is such a massive part of the Amazon ecosystem that it makes up more than 50% of the tech giant’s annual revenue. Amazon also uses specialized versions of AWS for government-use, including a special version called “Secret Region” used by the CIA.

Let’s not forget the problems with widespread AI adoption, mainly the energy and resource requirements. Recent reports show that training OpenAI’s older GPT-3 model consumed hundreds of thousands of liters of water for cooling the data centers. Maintaining these AI models requires a hell of a lot of electricity. Each use of ChatGPT has been estimated to use more than a hundred times more electricity than a regular Google search, something companies will need to contend with if they too make AI even more prolific than it already is.


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