Amazon Drops Apple TV Price, Calls It '2010' Model. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Illustration for article titled Amazon Drops Apple TV Price, Calls It 2010 Model. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Amazon could just be getting a jump on moving units of a product that's certain to sell well during the holidays by lowering Apple TV's price to $90. But what, exactly does '2010' imply? Are they clearing inventory for something new? [9to5mac via Cult of Mac]


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I've got mixed feelings about my "2010" Apple TV. The UI and iTunes integration is great, I can live with 720p but certainly would prefer 1080, but my biggest issue is poor network performance for AirPlay. It can take a minute or more to wirelessly stream a 10 second video from my iPhone 4s, and sometimes it fails altogether. I've tried messing with my router settings (D-Link DIR-655), and I currently have my Apple TV hard-wired to the router. But I still get bad Airplay performance. That said, the rest of the functions in Apple TV are fine. Netflix streaming works great as does network access to my iTunes library on my PC.

AirPlay was one of the main reasons I got an AppleTV, so I'm hoping Apple will issue some updates and improve the performance.