Amazon Fire Stick's New Wi-Fi Powers Let You Stream Almost Anywhere

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Dig through Amazon's new software update for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and you'll find an intriguing detail—one that shows us where streaming TV is heading. Mainly to your hotel room.


The update includes a number of new features, like Bluetooth headphone support and expandable USB storage, which is certainly useful. But what's really cool? Your Fire device will now be able to connect to web-authenticated Wi-Fi networks, the sort you find at hotels, schools, and dorms. That means you'll be able to stream what you want to the screen in, say, whatever random Marriott you're staying in on a business trip, or connect directly to a TV when giving a presentation at school so long as there's Wi-Fi.

It's a fairly small upgrade, but one that illustrates how streaming devices are moving beyond the living room and out into the world. Next time you're stuck watching infomercials on your hotel TV, you'll be able to just stream Netflix instead. [Amazon]


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And you shall see Hotel's blocking Netflix or worse - covering up the HDMI ports on their TVs. "No really, we feel the best experience you can possibly have is with this old 4:3 tube TV. Trust us."