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The era of downloadable major motion pictures is nearing, but the biggest players are taking baby steps. Case in point: Amazon, which according to Variety is about to inch its way into the digital movie download market. The only catch is, the online shopping giant will probably tie its downloads to DVD sales. Amazon officials said last October the company was working on a movie download service, and sources say the company will launch with at least two big studios in its corner this spring. The new service will reportedly allow an Amazon customer to either pay for a download of a copy of the movie and apply that charge toward the purchase of a DVD, or be required to buy a DVD and then allowed to download that movie while the DVD is on its way. Understandably, the big boys want to hang on to that DVD-selling gravy train as long as they can, but those who keep sucking on old outdated business models will inevitably end up with a dry hole. It's just a matter of time. Adapt or die.

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