Amazon Is Testing a Tablet-Focused Web Site Redesign

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The Amazon tablet is real. TechCrunch played with it. We made a mockup. The Internet had a field day. The only thing left for Amazon to do now is prepare, and prepare they have.


The Amazon web site, for example. It's currently being tested for a redesign. Not just any redesign, mind you, but a seemingly tablet-friendly redesign.


And, dare we say, the redesign mockups even appear a little "higher class" than the old site. More spartan. More white. More touch-tastic. Definitely space for thick fingers to dance around and paw at online wares, sans a mouse cursor.

Reuters reports that the new pages boast a bigger search bar and more of the aforementioned white space (all the better to highlight e-books, games and apps from the Amazon App store). [WSJ, Reuters]

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I'm an Apple fan, but at $250, I'd totally buy an Android Kindle. Amazon and Apple seem to be the only companies in the tech sector run by adults.