Amazon Now Offers an $8 Monthly Prime Plan

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Amazon's Prime deal—which offers free two-day shipping, instant media streaming and monthly Kindle book rentals—just got a new monthly price tag. Now, you can be a Prime customer for $8 a month.


That means users no longer have to pony up the full $80 annual subscription fee in one go. The move also places Amazon as direct competitors with Netflix and Hulu, both of which charge $8 a month for their own streaming services. Given the extra perks of siding with Amazon over the others—free delivery and ebook rentals are a pretty tempting combo—the deal looks set to draw custom.

Of course, splitting the cost monthly doesn't make huge financial sense: over the course of a year, paying monthly for Prime will cost $16 more than paying the annual fee, which you'll still be able to do. But that won't stop the plan drawing in folks from Hulu and Netflix. [Amazon via Hacking Netflix via Engadget]



I'm just going to add this point and lets not get fanboyish over it. If you are looking for a replacement for netflix you will be dissapointed IMO. Amazon streaming isn't bad by any stretch and the value is crazy considering all the other extras you get but it's not as good as netflix in content/quality/ and the ui on the web is terrible =/.

You can't stream 1080p to a computer, it has to be a registered device. Even if you use bluecop repo in xbmc when you select 1080p it's actually just 420.

Again, I canceled my netflix account cause I use the shipping extensively and why double pay but I wouldn't recommend it as a stand alone.