Amazon Now Offers an $8 Monthly Prime Plan

Amazon's Prime deal—which offers free two-day shipping, instant media streaming and monthly Kindle book rentals—just got a new monthly price tag. Now, you can be a Prime customer for $8 a month.

That means users no longer have to pony up the full $80 annual subscription fee in one go. The move also places Amazon as direct competitors with Netflix and Hulu, both of which charge $8 a month for their own streaming services. Given the extra perks of siding with Amazon over the others—free delivery and ebook rentals are a pretty tempting combo—the deal looks set to draw custom.

Of course, splitting the cost monthly doesn't make huge financial sense: over the course of a year, paying monthly for Prime will cost $16 more than paying the annual fee, which you'll still be able to do. But that won't stop the plan drawing in folks from Hulu and Netflix. [Amazon via Hacking Netflix via Engadget]


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