Amazon Prime's Streaming Title Count Might Be off by an Order of Magnitude

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Amazon claims to be supplying "more than 17,000 movies and television shows" through Prime Instant Video and in some ways it's true—like if you consider each episode in a TV series an individual title.


Amazon confirmed to Fast Company that the "17,000 titles count is inclusive of both TV episodes and movies." The problem lies in the phrasing—what exactly constitutes a "title"? Common perception would dictate that a "title" is the overarching collection of episodes that comprise the series rather than individual episodes—so 24, X-Files, and Grey's Anatomy would count as three shows, right? By Amazon's tally, those programs constitute as more than 562 "shows" due to their combined number of episodes. By Fast Company's calculations, Power Rangersand their offshoot programs made up a whopping 4.2 percent of the entire Prime library. That's a lot of morphin'. [Fast Co via the Verge]

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How is this misleading? Did anyone REALLY think they meant 17,000 different programs, each with a full deck of episodes?

This was a lame, half-assed, desperate slow-news-day kind of story when The Verge ran it earlier today. Repeating it is even worse.