Amazon Unbox Goes Live on TiVo

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TiVo fans your time has come. Amazon's Unbox video download service is officially open to all TiVo Series 2 and Series 3 owners. So now you'll be able to shop for Amazon vids on your Web browser and have them downloaded straight to your TiVo. Doesn't get easier than that. TiVo's even offering $15-worth of free vids if you sign up by the 30th of April. Not bad considering TV shows go for $1.99 while movie purchases range from $9.99 to $14.99 (rentals start at $1.99). As for the DirecTV TiVo crowd, sorry gang. You're left out of this one. Anyone out there give it a try yet?


Product Page [via TiVo Lovers]



A huge flaw . . . I have a pretty slow broadband connection 700kbps - 1mbps. I was downloading a movie, which was taking many hours. My internet connection blipped off for a few minutes. I checked the 50% downloaded movie on my Tivo and it was gone. When the connection returned the movie started downloading again at 0%. What a waste of time. The quality was good, but if your connection is iffy, not so good. Plus if I am home and this thing is downloading, my internet connection is way slow - it took forever for Gizmodo to load (shameless plug).

How about they give us some options so we can set our Tivo to only download between 2am and 7am, or whatever.