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Amazon's Kindle MatchBook Service Is Now Live

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In this modern age of tablets and e-readers, it's always a little bit tough to decide whether to buy the hardcopy of a book or just go for the e-book. Now, you don't have to choose with the newly launched Kindle MatchBook service that offers cheap e-book versions of hardcopy books you've purchased on Amazon.

When we say cheap, we're talking a little more than the price of a candy bar. E-book versions of hardcopy books available through the MatchBook service—about 75,000 in total—date back to 1995 and cost $3, $2, $1 or nothing. The e-book downloads also come with Kindle features like Wispersync, Popular Highlights, X-Ray and read anywhere capabilities. In more ways that one, the service works a lot like the AutoRip program that offers digital copies of physical CDs purchases on Amazon for a discounted price. But, you know, books are so educational.


Your old Amazon hardcopy book purchases count, and you can check here to see if any of them qualify for Kindle MatchBook. Once again, MatchBook available now. [Amazon via Engadget]