Amazon's New Horror Anthology The Unknown Will Explore Folklore and True Crime

Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy
Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy
Photo: Greg Doherty (Getty Images)

New horror anthology The Unknown is coming to Amazon, this time from Craig Macneill, Clay Chapman, Jonathan Nolan, and Kilter films Lisa Joy. This announcement comes two years after Nolan and Joy signed an overall TV deal with the streaming service.


The Unknown will combine the vastness of the American landscape, urban legends, and folklore, and true crime events—in the vein of horror films like 2020's The Dark and the Wicked. The first season will focus on a brother and sister duo who returns home to Texas and encounter evil forces that habit their childhood home. There is no scheduled release date available at the moment.

Macneill and Chapman are no strangers to the horror/thriller genre. Macneill has directed episodes of popular television shows to include Castle Rock, Amazon’s Them, and The Twilight Zone. He also directed the feature film Lizzie, which is based on the life and (possible) crimes of Lizzie Borden. Chapman is a writer and author of books and comics, like Nothing Untoward and Marvel series Scream: Curse of Carnage.

When the two were finally able to work together, they directed/created the 2015 horror movie THE BOY.

What do you think? It looks like everyone is trying to get into the horror game lately. Stay tuned for more details!

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Evil Lincoln

This sounds almost as scary as actually living in Texas and having the power company cut off your power in the middle of a winter storm