Amazon's X-Ray for Movies Knows What You're Watching—And Who's In It

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So this feels like the future: Amazon's X-Ray for Movies can tell what flick you're watching on your Kindle Fire HD, and gives you every piece of information you could ever want about it every time you pause. Pretty incredible stuff.


The information is gleaned from IMDB (which Amazon conveniently owns), and pulls granular detail down to which specific actors are in the scene your watching. From there, you can navigate back through their whole career, read their bios, and do all the other creeping you'd normally do on the world's foremost movie database.


It's pretty incredible having all of that information literally at your fingertips in the background, and may stop you from ever watching a movie all the way through again. But that's okay! Better that character actors finally get their due. Who's that guy? Honestly, probably Richard Jenkins. Your Kindle Fire knows for sure, though.

It also knows what you're reading about in your fancy Kindle textbook; the X-Ray feature can deploy there as well, showing you everywhere a specific term is mentioned and linking to relevant YouTube videos and Wikipedia entries. Yep, Wikipedia and YouTube, where the real learning happens.

Tablets themselves don't feel like the future anymore. But things like this, that put the entirety of mankind's knowledge at your disposal in a blink? That does. That very does.

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This idea was spoken before. I forgot who/what company spoke about this. Can't remember if it was Sony or Google or some other company. Anyone else remember something like this being talked about way before this?