AMC and MoviePass Are Trying a Monthly Fee for Unlimited Movies

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Remember MoviePass? It's an app through which you can play a flat fee to see up to a movie a day for an entire month. It's taken a while for the service to find a partner, and now it's found one in AMC Theaters, where it'll offer an all you can movie plan for $35-$45 a month.


For at-home watching, you've got Netflix, Hulu, and any number of other streaming options geared for watching within the privacy of your own home. MoviePass has been pretty much the only option for stuff in theaters, but it hasn't really gotten much traction until now, absent a movie house partner.

So now that AMC's on board, MoviePass will try to lure you in, starting in theaters in Boston and Denver next month. It's not a bad deal—it's 35 bucks a month for up to one movie a day in 2D/standard format, or 45 bones for the premium package, which includes 3D, IMAX, etc. The way it actually works when isn't any more seamless than just buying tickets. Sign up for MoviePass online, then use the app to decide which movie you want to see. When you get to the theater, you swipe your card to get your tickets, then obviously, it's movie time. But for free. Kind of.

It's an unproven model, and it's not with out flaws But the price makes sense, especially if you love to go to the movies and live in a city. In New York at least, a movie ticket sometimes cost around $15. If you have plans to see more than two movies a month, it's easy to justify. Here's to hoping it comes to a few more cities soon. [New York Times via Consumerist]



$15 a month, sure... that would still mean they get more money from me than they currently do... but $35? I wouldn't get my money's worth. Also the "one movie a day" thing would turn me off, as I would probably see a couple things I was interested in at a time.