An 8-Inch Gummy Pizza Proves Candy Really Is the Perfect Meal

There are dieticians out there who will tell you it’s a bad idea to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and they’re probably right. You at least need to mix things up for one of those meals, so when lunch rolls around, why not go with this eight-inch Gummy Pizza instead of a pepperoni pie?


Everyone knows you also need at least some fruit in your diet every day, which is why this gummy pizza includes lemon, orange, cherry, apple, and berry-flavored gummy toppings. It’s basically like eating a fruit salad, but one that you can consume by the slice.

The $12 treat even comes in its own pizza box, but you can throw it away before your dinner guests arrive if you want them to think you made the whole thing by hand—they’ll never realize it was actually delivery. [Vat19 via Laughing Squid]


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