An Adorable Espresso Maker That Won't Make You Hate Mornings

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Sometimes you wake up and you hate everything. Even the coffee maker. In those low times, you might like having the Philips Senseo Twist, an adorable espresso maker that doubles up by brewing two shots at the same time.


Yes you need caffeine. And some mornings you need a lot of caffeine. But you also might need something cute, and this little appliance fits the bill. No word on price or when it goes on sale (or it it pours a decent cup). It comes in a bunch of fun color combinations—red and platinum, back and ice blue, fuchsia and white, lime green and white, and blue and chrome. If the caffeine hasn't quite hit your system, and you're forgetful, don't worry about it—after 15 minutes it shuts itself off. Kind of makes you want to pat it on its compact head. [Appliancist]

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If you need a lot of caffeine you won't necessarily get it from espresso. Although more concentrated, you'll get less than half the caffeine per shot than from a typical cup of American coffee.

And hopefully this delivers enough pressure to make it an espresso and not just some strong coffee, but I'm sure it does and will do great. As others have mentioned, we also have a Nespresso and love it. Capsule espresso so there is no mess, great taste and much cheaper than at the coffee shop.