An Art Historian Ensured This Where's Warhol? Book Was As Accurate As Possible

As satisfying as it is for kids to find its striped shirt protagonist, Where’s Waldo? books aren’t particularly educational. So for Where’s Warhol?, a parody that has kids hunting down Andy Warhol instead, art historian Catherine Ingram ensured its detailed illustrations were as accurate as possible.


The $10 picture book features 12 illustrations from artist Andrew Rae that recreate iconic moments from the history of art, including Michelangelo working on the Sistine Chapel, Jean-Michel Basquait tagging subway trains and buildings in New York, and even Andy partying at Studio 54 amongst other 1970s celebrities.

It’s one of those rare kids’ books that’s just as entertaining for adults to find all the intricate details on every page. And it’s almost certainly packed full of inside jokes you’ll only discover after reading it from cover to cover a few times.

[Amazon via Uncrate]

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