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An Artist's Dream Comes True With These Blade Runner 2049 Concept Images

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Imagine if your favorite movie in the world was Blade Runner and one day, you were asked to work on the sequel. That’s what happened to senior conceptual designer George Hull and the result is work bursting with that passion.

“The original Blade Runner film is not only my favorite film of all time, it is also what inspired my life’s works as an artist in the film industry,” Hull told io9. “To me Blade Runner encompasses my favorite aspects of imagination, art, design, film noir and a bit of philosophy. So when I got the call to work on the 2049 I was beyond excited!”


Hull worked with Aaron Haye and production designer Dennis Gassner to help come up with some of the earliest visual development of the film. Specificially the vehicles, mood and lighting. Here are some of Hull’s gorgeous pieces from the film, complete with some descriptions of what each image is from Hull himself.


All of these are in the Blade Runner 2049 art book which you can get here.

And you can see more of George’s work here and here.