An Early Dark Knight DVD, Or Just A Twitter Joker?

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The movie may still be breaking records in theaters, but does that mean that it's too early to start a marketing campaign for The Dark Knight's DVD and BluRay release in December? Apparently not, as many Twitter users discovered on Friday afternoon, when a familiar face asked to befriend them.Within 24 hours of the creation of the Joker's Twitter account, "he" had close to 2000 followers, and was eagerly offering up 140-character versions of his particular brand of wisdom:

I love the sound of this Large Hadron Collider thing.

The news has gotten sooo dull since I've been locked up. How about Anarchy?!! RRRRRRandom Violence! Banana Peel Deaths...

All of this chit-chat is heartwarming, really. Now that we are all acquainted are any of you twits going to assist in my emancipation?


Not that all of the 30 tweets in the first 12 hour period - apparently that internet access for inmates of Arkham Asylum is pretty good - were entirely random; the Joker also chatted with other Twitter users, threatening them and critiquing their senses of humor ("Hey I've got a joke for you twits: What do you call a half naked dead guy nailed to the wall?" followed by "The answer was ART. If any of you twits try to steal a punchline again you can be sure you'll have a front row seat to my artistic side.") in between complaining about Batman's dress sense and the necessity of medication ("Why so sedated?"). Before he retired for his first night, however, he did have a particularly interesting final message to impart:

Oooooh everyone is so bold and brave while I'm locked up in Arkham. You'll be singing a different tune once I've secured my early release.

"bold and brave"? Just like the upcoming new Batman cartoon on Cartoon Network, Batman: The Brave And The Bold - who said that cross-promotion doesn't work? - but that mention of an early release is what seems particularly interesting. Will The Dark Knight appear on DVD and BluRay before its planned December date? Keep watching the internets for more news, but one thing's for sure - Don't ask the Joker. That guy's nuts. [The Joker on Twitter]



The Riddler is now tweeting too and he's goading the Joker. And they're both following me.

I love it!

Riddler's last tweet: '' Why so cereal? You do make me laugh. Wait & see what they offer you on Halloween, assuming you don't get your phone call by then ''