An Ergonomic Upgrade Makes Guitar Picks Easier To Grasp

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Die-hard musicians might scoff at the idea of the guitar pick needing an upgrade, but the creators of the Pykmax believe they've created a far more ergonomic and comfortable way to pick and pluck at strings.

Available in two sizes (for children or adults), the Pykmax isn't just for those starting out on the guitar, although it certainly makes it easier for amateurs to strum. Learning how to hold and handle a small pick is its own challenge, and since the Pykmax is easier to grip, there's less muscle strain as a result of playing.

At $12 the Pykmax isn't unreasonably expensive, either. And you can customize your playing experience with picks of different thicknesses for a harder or softer feel. It doesn't guarantee you'll instantly be a better guitar player, but from the sounds of it, it might help make the learning curve a little less steep. [Pykmax via Ubergizmo]


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Annie's Boobs

The problem we run across whenever someone tries to "improve" on the original guitar pick is that the incumbent is a) highly functional and b) dirt cheap. I don't doubt that this could be more comfortable, but I also can't think of any time where I was playing and thought about what my picking hand felt like.