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An Exploded iPhone Is a Major Frat Party Buzzkill...Or Is It?

Illustration for article titled An Exploded iPhone Is a Major Frat Party Buzzkill...Or Is It?

The latest tale of a flaming iPhone encounter comes to us courtesy of Bobby Hodges, who describes how such an incident almost ruined a fraternity house party.


I was at a fraternity house hanging out one night. One of my friends had his iPhone plugged into the speakers so we could have music. We had the usual speaker system, a receiver and some speakers. I was standing near the receiver when All the sudden the iphone cut off and started to smoke. The room filled up with what must have been hazardous smoke. After picking up the iPhone that was still extremely hot, the entire battery had been ejected from the phone and was sitting on the floor. The house smelled like burning electronics for the rest of the night and the iPhone left a square-ish burn mark on the table it was sitting on.


Fortunately, it sounds like the cloud of acrid, poisonous fumes proved to be only a minor inconvenience for the partygoers. Who knows? It might have even enhanced some of their experiences. [Thanks Bobby!]

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So like, dumbasses had the iphone on the receiver- it overheated. Guaranteed.