An Ice Cream Maker for Grandma-Quality Scoops of Deliciousness

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As the weather turns springlike, the tinkling sounds of Mr. Softee ice cream trucks sing through the streets leaving many New Yorkers fixated on thoughts of scarfing colorful cones of the cold confection.


But why not make some yourself? 63 Bucks. Amazon. This stainless-clad ice cream maker from Cuisinart won't put too much of dent in your wallet, and will churn out frozen yogurt and sorbet as well as the good stuff.


Making ice cream at home is one of those kitchen projects that can seem daunting. It's messy, it takes a long time, it's easy to screw up. This is where electronics are your friend. Cuisinart's ice-creamer makes the whole process much simpler.

Growing up, my grandmother used to make homemade ice cream when it was someone's birthday. I can still taste the smooth, sweet vanilla flavor, painstakingly created using a hand-crank contraption. But my Oma was of a different generation. And I am lazy. That's why the heavy-duty motor on this colderizer is particularly attractive—it does all the work. And if you want to experiment with different flavors, it features a big spout through which you can add chocolate chips, marshmallows, cookie dough, or any other delectable ingredients. There's also an insulated freezer bowl so you won't have to transfer the concoction to a different vessel once you're finished.

OK, so it might not be just like grandma used to make, but it will make the experiment a whole lot easier to try. [Amazon]

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I have the older model and it does make damn tasty ice cream if you use good ingredients. Still takes 4-24 hours in the freezer to get the right consistency.

Also, Mango Pepper Ice Cream is the best ever, and in true Alton Brown fashion costs $75 and takes about a week to make.