An Insane TV Shoplifting Situation That Could Only Happen at Walmart

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This is probably a typical Monday in a Tennessee Walmart, but most of us wouldn't expect a guy to nonchalantly walk past a greeter with $2000 worth of stolen electronics. And you definitely wouldn't expect what happens next.

So an off duty police officer, Josh Wright, notices this guy, Joseph Anthony Hill, and his wife, Lisa Hill, trying to force their way past a greeter with "a cart full of TVs and a computer." The officer flashes his badge, Joseph Hill claims its a fake, and continues his attempt to escape from the store. That doesn't work out so well as Hill was promptly tackled and arrested. Now here's where it gets weird.

After watching her husband get arrested, Lisa Hill fakes a heart attack and amnesia, claiming that she did not know who her husband was. A witness spoke up and refuted that claim stating that the couple had been together in the store. Lisa Hill then flew into a rage and attacked the witness in the parking lot, but the witness soon gained the upper hand after stabbing Hill in the arm with a pocket knife. The Hills were eventually hauled off to prison and, most certainly, to hillbilly infamy. [Al via Fark]

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Matthew Abel

I find the second climax amazingly entertaining.

But having worked for WM, I think people might be surprised how many people successfully shoplift by simply filling a shopping cart and walking out.