An Intriguing New Series Sees A Superhero Join A Heroic Team...As A Mole

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A new series from Brian Joines and Jay Faerber tells the tale of a superhero infiltrating a team of heroes to uncover their darkest secrets this week, but that's not all. She-Hulk comes to a close, Boom! presents a weird new horror story about Somali pirates, and there's more collections than you can shake a stick at. Comics!


Dark Horse

  • Ei8ht: Outcast - A time travelling Astronaut finds himself trapped in a strange dimension with no memories and no feedback from the team who sent him there. Written By: Rafael Albuquerque, Mike Johnson Artist: Rafael Albuquerque


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  • Multiversity Mastermen #1 - Grant Morrison and Jim Lee imagine an alternate world where the Nazis win World War II, and guide the world through an alien superhero known as Overman. Written By: Grant Morrison Artists: Jim Lee, Scott Williams


  • Secret Identities #1 - The superhero Crosswind has joined a hero group known as Front Line — but what Front Line don't know is that Crosswind is actually a mole, looking to expose some of the dark secrets behind Front Line's heroic image. Written By:
  • Brian Joines, Jay Faerber Artists: Ilias Kyriazis, Charlie Kirchoff
  • Sparks Nevada: Marshal On Mars #1 - Based on Nerdist's Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast, this new series tells the tale of an old western style sheriff policing the frontier world of Mars, a new colony for humanity. Written By: Ben Acker, Ben Blacker Artists: J. Bone, Jordie Bellaire


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  • Marvel Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - The new animated series based on the Guardians gets its own comic, adapting stories from the show as well as telling new ones set in its universe. Written By: Joe Caramagna, Mairghread Scott Artist: Adam Archer
  • Silk #1 - Cindy Moon, the girl also bitten by the radioactive Spider that granted Peter Parker his powers, begins her own standalone after the events of Spider-Verse. Written By: Robbie Thompson Artist: Stacey Lee
  • She-Hulk #12 - The story of lawyer-stroke-superhero She-Hulk sadly comes to an end, as Jen tackles her last big case. Written By: Charles Soule Artist: Javier Pulido


  • Mandrake The Magician #1 (D.E.) - King's revamps of classic characters continue, this time with adventures of the dapper trickster Mandrake. Written By: Roger Langridge Artist: Jeremy Treese
  • Legenderry: Green Hornet #1 (D.E.) - It's the turn of the Green Hornet and Kato to get the steampunk treatment as the duo battle gangs in the big city. Written By: Daryl Gregory Artist: Brent Peeples
  • Pathfinder Origins #1 (D.E.) - A new series based on the RPG setting begins, as Valeros the fighter unveils his adventure's beginning to his party. Written By: Erik Mona Artist: Tom Garcia.
  • Pirate Eye: Exiled From Exile #1 (Action Lab) - An old enemy of Smitty uncovers a secret from his past, forcing him to flee from bounty hunters as he tries to find out who's responsible. Written By: Josiah Grahn Artist: Carl Yonder
  • Plunder #1 (Boom! Studios) - A crew of Somali Pirates raids a transport ship only to find unimaginable horrors within. Written By: Swifty Lang Artist: Skuds McKinley
  • Stray #1 (Action Lab) - One of the greatest heroes in the world has been murdered, and his former sidekick returns from absence to find out why. Written By: Vito Delsante Artist: Sean Izaakse

Graphic Novels And Collections

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  • Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I (Marvel) - Peter Parker returns to his body after Otto Octavius took it over, but has to rediscover who he is before he can assume the mantle of Spider-Man once more.Written By: Dan Slott, Joshua Hale Fialkov Artists: Various
  • Axis: Carnage and Hobgoblin (Marvel) - Two of Spider-Man's deadliest foes return, but as Heroes rather than villains. Carnage turns his back on villainy but still finds himself pursued by the authorities, while the Hobgoblin finds an old owner of the mantle trying to stop him from doing good in New York City. Written By: Kevin Shinick, Rick Spears Artists: Javier Rodriguez, German Peralta
  • Barbarella and the Wrath of the Minute Eater (Humanoids Inc) - The iconic heroine returns in this translated collection featuring a new story never seen before in English. Written By: Jean-Claude Forest, Kelly Sue DeConnick Artist: Jean-Claude Forest
  • Batman: Blink (DC) - Batman faces a deep conspiracy involving a blind man who can see through the eyes of a serial killer. Written By: Dwayne McDuffie Artists: Val Semeiks, Dan Green
  • Civil War Prelude: New Warriors (Marvel) - Set before the events of Marvel's Civil War story arc, the New Warriors travel across America fighting crime in small communities for a Reality TV show. Written By: Zeb Wells Artist: Skottie Young
  • Damian Son of Batman (DC) - Damian Wayne takes on the mantle of a superhero, but can the troubled son of Bruce Wayne avoid his darkest destiny? Written By: Andy Kubert, Grant Morrison Artist: Andy Kubert
  • Jim Henson's Dark Crystal Volume 1: Creation Myths (Boom! Studios) - A new trilogy uncovers the origins of the Dark Crystal itself and the Planet Thra. Written By: Brian Holguin, Brian Froud Artists: Alex Sheikman, Lizzy John
  • Scalped Book One (DC) - A native american returns to his former reservation to find his people consumed by crime and gambling. Written By: Jason Aaron Artist: R. M. Guera
  • Storm Volume One: Make It Rain (Marvel) - The first few issues of Storm's standalone series from last year are collected in this Omnibus, as she travels the world righting wrongs, and faces the death of Wolverine. Written By: Greg Pak Artists: Victor Ibanez, Matteo Buffagni
  • The Tower Chronicles: Dreadstalker Volume 1 (Legendary) - John Tower and his FBI partner Alicia Hardwicke venture to Canada to track down a monster feeding off humans. Written By: Matt Wagner Artist: Simon Bisley
  • The Walking Man: 10th Anniversary Edition (Fanfare/Ponent Mon) - Jiro Taniguchi's iconic slice of life Manga gets a special reprint to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. Written By: Jiro Taniguchi Artist:
  • Jiro Taniguchi

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