An iPhone Case For Fingerprint Fighters

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Most people have learned to live with the fingerprints and smear marks on their touchscreen devices. But for those of us who still spend more time than we should polishing and re-polishing our displays, there's the WipeCoin iPhone case.

The case adds little to no bulk to your phone, save for a noticeable bulge in the lower corner which houses a small puck, or coin, with an antimicrobial microfiber cloth on the back. You can pop it out at any time to remove fingerprints, grease, or whatever else is mucking up your display.


The WipeCoin case is available in a white or black finish to match your iPhone 4 for $20. And while the microfiber coin can be occasionally washed to keep it clean, replacements are also available if yours happens to go missing. [Wipecoin via Gadget Review]