An iPhone Case for Stoners, Smokers, and Scholars

if you have an iPhone, you probably carry it around with you everywhere. But what about holding life's other tools? Like a blunt, one-hitter, or pen? This iHit iPhone case protects your iPhone and has a secret compartment for them.

It doesn't matter if you're a nature loving hippie or a suit wearing yuppie, your iPhone is typically within arm's reach. So why not expand that sort of accessibility with an iPhone case that can store a cylindrical object (get creative as you want). It's such an obvious solution to an obvious problem!

It's called the iHit iPhone 4 Case and is currently a Kickstarter project that'll cost you $20 to get a case, $25 to get a case and a one hitter. Support, people, because there's no app that can get you high. [iHit]


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