An iPhone Speaker for People Who Hate Quality Sound

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I love the rich sound of my old vinyl albums, but I hardly ever spin them. MP3s suck, but they're so easy that I've given up. At least I have this awesome speaker to remind me of better times.


We've seen iPhone speaker horns before, but this is the first to really embrace bastardized low-fi audio for the abomination it is. Designer Paul Cocksedge will take your favorite vinyl record, heat it up until it's soft, and mold it into a $40 iPhone bugle. Dock your phone in the horn and its shape will naturally amplify the sound playing out of the tiny speaker in the phone. Physics rules. The idea is just a neat concept now, but tomorrow Cocksedge will be making vinyl speakers for a handful of lucky blokes at a space called Concrete as part of the London Design Festival.

I love that you an still see the grooves that once reproduced beautiful sound. It's about time somebody found a use for those milk crates full of dusty records I've been lugging around for years. Crappy sound never looked so good. [Paul Cocksedge Studio via Daily Mail]


Keith Michael

You started your article by talking about how vinyl sounds better. You've already asserted that you're dumb and a hipster. Vinyl "sounds better" because the needle and method of play adds a warmness to the sound thats not part of the original master. Thus, what you're actually hearing is a bastardization of the artists work. Calling it better is to say that the artists original work isn't good enough.