An Ode to Hollywood's Obsession With Hacking the Mainframe

The term 'mainframe' doesn't get thrown around as much as buzzwords like 'cloud computing' these days; except in Hollywood. The movies are still obsessed with the idea of someone hacking into the mainframe. Or, to be more specific, "hacking the mainframe" is still a convenient but lazy plot device that lets characters discover vital expository backstory, or escape a seemingly inescapable situation.


And everything from The Matrix to Goldeneye has been guilty of it. For shame Hollywood, when will you get with the times and start using password/personal ID breaches instead? [Slacktory via Buzzfeed]

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Car chases are exactly as the movies show.

guns operate exactly as the movies show.

The laws of physics work exactly as the movies show.

cars blow up at the least impact just like movies show.

why do you expect computers in movies to ever reflect real life?

I'll bet you believe that leaking gasoline MUST result in a massive explosion.

I'll bet you think that a silencer on a gun really makes it sound like "pfft".

I'll bet you think that tires squeal on dirt.

The average person is pretty dumb. Nearly half are dumber.