Whaddya mean you don't want insect larvae chewing their way through your epidermis en route to bursting through your skin like tiny, winged Xenomorphs? That's just how the Botfly shows its love (and propagates its species). It's the circle of life, it rules us all, and many times it's really friggin' disgusting.

What isn't disgusting is the psychedelically delicious sounds of Bay Area acid punk band, Triclops! Formed in 2005 by Johnny Geek from the Fleshies and Christian Eric Beaulieu of Lower Forty-Eight, Triclops! specializes in complexly-structured, extended-play songs revolving around Geek's abstract, almost absurdist, lyrics.


The band's first release came in 2007 with their EP, Cafeteria Brutalia. The band went on to produce two more full length albums, Out of Africa and Helpers on the Other Side before, unfortunately, going on indefinite hiatus in 2010.

Which is a real shame given the incredible stage shows they'd perform. Geek would often use a 50 foot or longer mic cord, jump off stage into the crunge during songs, and continue to sing while writhing about among the crowd.

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