And Now . . . The Children Of The Children Of The Atom

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Ever wondered what would happen if the X-Men all got slightly more incestual as a group? The answer awaits you in the first issue of next month's new series GeNext, where classic X-Men writer Chris Claremont gets to fantasize about what would happen if the members of Marvel's mutant favorite franchise got "busy" with each other, as the kids would say. And this one can genuinely label itself as "Because the fans demanded it!"


The origins of GeNext are somewhat unusual; waaaay back in 2005, Marvel Comics held an online poll giving fans four possibilities for Claremont's next project for the publisher. Each of the four (The others were a continuation of his 1980s dystopian Days of Future Past storyline, a "What If the X-Men Had Been Formed by Professor Xavier and Magneto" series or a story asking whether the X-Men should have lived in Asgard, mythical home of the mighty Thor. Yes, that last one was really an option) was related to the X-Men, the franchise that Claremont made into the multi-media juggernaut it became during his initial 16-year run on the title (He rejoined the franchise in 2000, and has remained on the fringes of it ever since), and the idea that caught fans' imagination was something that, back then, was just called Next:

Witness today's generation of X-Men if the Marvel Universe aged in real-time. Both the first and second teams of X-Men are approaching 50 and the New Mutants are now in their thirties. This series will follow this new generation of X-Men and the new reality they find themselves in.

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Cut to three years and one near-death experience for Claremont later, and Next has become GeNext:

Who are the children of the X-Men? And what happened to the original team, Professor X, and Magneto after over 30 years of conflict, victories, and tragedies? Now, at last, the answers arrive as beloved X-Men scribe Chris Claremont reveals an all-new generation of mutant teens!

The new five-part series doesn't just raise the possibility of Claremont dealing with his own aging by putting yet more words into the mouth of an overweight balding Cyclops, but also acts as a stealth sequel for an earlier Claremont project, X-Men: The End, which acted as his last word on the franchise and characters. Well, last word until money raised its ugly head, of course.

The first issue of the series is due in stores May 14th.

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Chris Braak

@braak: It's tricky, because you don't want to combine people that have powers that are too much alike. Like, you wouldn't want to combine Wolfsbane with Wolverine, because that'd be a waste.

But Wolfsbane with Multiple Man, maybe, and their kid could just make a bunch of werewolf clones everywhere.

Or if you combine Cannonball and Storm, maybe he could just tool around on a giant tornado all the time. And shoot lightning.

None of these are as much fun as invincible organic-steel exoskeletal spikes.