Android 2.1 Ported To G1, Official OTA Download Coming Soon?

The last time we heard about the antiqued G1 being loaded with 2.1 it turned out to be fake, so we're not holding our breath now. Nonetheless, AndroidSpin user Drizzy is claiming success, with the ROM on its way.

Speculation is also pointing at an official over-the-air 2.0 or 2.1 upgrade for the G1, but considering the G1 is over a year old now and not exactly Google's priority these days, don't go holding out for an official one just yet. [AndroidSpin via RedmondPie]

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Greetings. I am Wu.

It may not be GOOGLE's priority, but with this seemingly new buddy-pal-freiend relationship with T-Mobile, perhaps it is part of something we do not know how. Some secret rendezvous, grab-ass thing that has yet to be revealed.