Android 2.2 Will Never Come to the G1

Well, that answers that. At the Android Fireside chat at Google IO, the Android team says that Android 2.2 won't be coming to the G1, simply because there's not enough space for the OS to fit in the flash space. Of course, your friendly developer community will probably whip something up.


Android is now out of beta and some lab features had to be dropped, aka the G1.

To prepare myself for the inevitable, on my G1 I tried typing with the on-screen keyboard (even tried swype) and I almost always end up flipping out the keyboard. If I'm going to upgrade, I need a device with a real keyboard. There is the upcoming Slide but it's not much of an upgrade from the G1, with only very slight improvements in RAM and CPU speed. What is the freaking deal with the lack of portrait sliders with a full keyboard like the Palm Pre?

The Nexus One is a no:

1. no keyboard

2. $279 upgrade price

3. Can't be used with my family plan.

HOPEFULLY, if 2.2 is coming to the original MyTouch with its larger flash partition, then it should be easy for the G1 to get the update unofficially when using the DangerSPL.