Android Apps of the Week: Permissions Manager, NumberSnap, and More

Never forget a face, never miss a draft, and never let apps get personal info you don't want them to, all in this week's best Android apps.


Permissions Manager: When you install an app on Android, you're asked to agree to a host or permissions which the software requires—but there's no option to tweak them. Now, Android Police has discovered a new feature in Android 4.3 which lets you do just that. Called Apps Ops, the feature is baked into Android 4.3—though it's also currently hidden by default. Still, a new third-party app called Permissions Manager brings it to life, allowing to fine-tune what other apps on your phone get access to. So, you can selectively choose for apps to read your contacts, access location, whatever. Or not, as the case may be. [Free]

Yahoo Fantasy Sports: If you're already a fantasy sports fan, chances are you've used Yahoo's Fantasy Sports app before. The most notable change is the ability to take care of Draft Day entirely on your phone. You'll be able to make mock rosters in preparation for the actual day as well as pick players, set up your queue, check results, and talk to other players all throughout. And just as before, you'll still be able to follow your team with live scoring, manage your roster, get notifications for news alerts, chat on message boards, etc. [Free]


iHeartRadio Talk: Talk radio over iHeartRadio. It launches today, giving you access to 50,000 "audiosodes" of talk radio including Good Morning America, TED Talks, and Ryan Seacrest. If that's not a silent majority selection, I don't know what is. In once nice touch, you'll be able to curate your own Daily Pulse station, that'll automatically play you popular daily selections from the stuff you like—so, like, a personal radio station of talk radio. [Free]


NumberSnap: This is a clever, if not slightly creepy, way to to make sure you never forget a face. Just open up the app when you need to enter a new number, pass it to your new future best friend, and as they enter their contact info, the app will snap a pic with your phone's front-facing camera, putting a name with a face forever. And assuming that you don't want the app alerting your new peer that their photo is being taken whether they like it or not, you can turn on "stealth mode," which is creepy, yes, but also helps make sure you don't call a relationship before it even starts. [$1]

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