Android Lollipop Trusted Places: Never Unlock Your Phone at Home Again

Illustration for article titled Android Lollipop Trusted Places: Never Unlock Your Phone at Home Again

Google's new version of Android, Lollipop, is wonderful. And now, one of our very few niggles—that its smart unlocking features didn't also react to location—is fixed.


You probably unlock your phone a lot, though you probably find there are places, like at home or maybe in your office if you trust your co-workers, where you'd rather not have to. Which is why Android 5.0's Smart Lock now allows you to add trusted places. Define a location as safe, and your phone won't present its lock screen when you're in the vicinity—it'll just let you get straight to Facebook or Gmail or Spotify or whatever else you were planning to use.

The feature joins trusted faces and trusted devices, that allow you to use your, err, face and other devices respectively to circumnavigate the lock screen, too. It's a lovely and welcome addition, one of those smart little tricks which will make your life more pleasant without you really noticing. You can add multiple locations that you trust, and it's claimed that the feature adds no delays to unlocking your phone.

The new feature comes as an update to Smart Lock, itself an update to Google Play Services. The new version should be spreading to Lollipop devices now, but if you're impatient you can download it from download it from the APKMirror. [APKMirror via Android Police via Verge]


This would be so much better if it worked with a wifi network, never having to unlock when I'm connected to my home wifi would be very convenient.