Android-Powered OpenMoko FreeRunner Spotted

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OpenMoko built the first 100% open-source smartphone—hardware and software both—when Android was but a glimmer in Larry and Sergey's eye. But now, the FreeRunner hardware is officially kissing its open-source cousin OS, Android.


Whether it's viewed as a natural move forward in the name of openness or a sign that no one in the world will ever use OpenMoko's own open-source OS—iMAndroid have some blurry-as-hell shots of the FreeRunner hardware running Google's open-source OS alternative. Either way, huge credit is due to OpenMoko, for fighting the good fight early on.

Still, the reliance on only 100% open hardware components means the FreeRunner is still hobbled by a GPRS-only data connection; that's late-90s tech, and for a data-heavy platform like Android, could be a monumental pain. Or maybe it will be the first Android phone with a battery that can last more than 12 hours without needing a reboost? Rounding out the specs is more typical smartphone fare: wi-fi, AGPS, Bluetooth, microSD slot, and a 400 MHz Samsung processor.

Price and availability are not yet available, but I would reckon CES will shed a bit more light on things. [iMAndroid]



Why does someone who is supposedly technically sound take such CRAPPY pics? gahhhhhh