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Raphial Morgado, inventor of the Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine claims this minuscule 32-cylinder powerplant, just 14 inches in diameter and weighing 150 pounds, can crank out 850hp. Is this guy a crackpot working out of a garage somewhere, or is he the next Thomas Edison? To hear him tell it:

"The MYT (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine, is a breakthrough of immense proportions that will spawn the next industrial revolution and will rocket the internal combustion engine into the next milenium. Please spread the word."


Can a man who can't spell the word "millennium" change the world? We want to see this baby mounted up in the engine compartment of a truck and chugging down the highway, not hand-cranked on a bench. Morgado says the MYT engine will someday power 800-passenger jumbo jets. Is this one of those inventions the oil companies don't want us to see?

Product Page [Angel Labs LLC] Thanks, John!