When will people learn? You don't mess with Unix admins! Not because they wield a lot of power or anything, but because they're generally the type of socially maladjusted people who are liable to flip out and do something rash when provoked. You don't spend that much time in a server room and come out OK. Just look at the example of Lonnie Charles Denison, a former Unix sysadmin who tried to sabotage the California power grid in order to get back at his employer.

Ol' Lonnie hammered the glass and hit the emergency shut-down button at a data center in Folsom, CA, that manages the state's power grid. He was busted by security camera footage and by a note that looks like a bomb threat but seems much, much more lame when you know what he was insinuating.

Hey, at one point I respected you… you have a new kid. So this is only because of him. Get out before the timer expires. Not long now. Take care.


He also told a friend that he had "done something bad," presumably via voicechat in World of Warcraft. The criminal mastermind is now facing up to 5 years of hard time and $250,000 in fines. Was it worth it, nerdlinger? [EE Times]

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