Anime Voice Actor And Drama Teacher Marries 16 Year Old Student

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Well this is kind of a bizarre story. Illich Guardiola, a 41 year-old voice actor (who has voiced numerous characters for English translations of popular anime) and drama teacher at the Houston Family Arts Center, is now married to his 16 year-old student after police caught wind of their illegal relationship.


Everything started coming to light last month when Guardiola was pulled over for speeding with the girl in his car. He was supposed to be giving her a ride home, but police eventually got the student to admit she had sex with Guardiola at least twice. And when police confiscated his phone, they found text messages from the student, including one that read, "I love having sex with you."

But before the police could complete their investigation, he drove the student and her mother up to Las Vegas for a sort-of shotgun wedding. With the mother's consent, the two were married and Guardiola can no longer be prosecuted for future sexual conduct with her. His past relations with her could still land him in trouble.


Another noteworthy fact is that, according to police, the mother gave her daughter permission to marry Guardiola because she feared reporting the relationship would ruin her daughter's future acting career. Because being in the news cycle will probably land her the lead role on The Disney Channel's newest show.

It's too early to say what will happen with Guardiola's marriage, but certain anime won't be the same anymore — not with the knowledge that the voice behind certain characters has a child bride.

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