Annie Leibovitz's Fairytale Photoshoots have finally gone too far

We've covered Annie Leibovitz's fantastical photoshoots before - but her latest starring Amy Adams and Tim Burton slide over the edge of fantasy into full blown creepiness. PUT THE BLUNT IMPLEMENT DOWN, TIM, OH GOD.

As promotion for the duo's collaboration in Big Eyes, Leibovitz developed the shoot for Vogue, offering a 're-imagining' of Hans Christian Andersen's The Red Shoes, the creeptacular fairytale that sees a young girl ensorcelled by a pair of shoes that magically continue to make her dance to the point that the girl, almost driven mad, begs an executioner to cut her feet off. He does so, she gets wooden prosthetics - being made by Burton in the image above - and the story ends on a happy note with the girl's prayers to god being answered by an angel EXPLODING HER HEART, sending her to heaven where she'll never hear of said shoes again.


Why would you pick this as the basis for your photoshoot, Annie!? Is Tim Burton meant to be moments away from slicing Amy Adam's feet off and fitting her prosthetics on!?

I cannot deal with how creepy Puppet Master Tim Burton is, you guys. I can't.

Leibovitz reimagines the ending of the fairytale by having Adam's protagonist brought to a cliff's edge by the shoes, wherein she transforms into a bird. Sure, that's a hell of a lot nicer than her heart literally rupturing with divine joy, I guess.


You can check out the rest of the shoot over at Vogue. Meanwhile I am going to try and scrub said images out of my brain.

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