Anonymous Smashes Boston Police Department's Website (Updated)

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Anonymous has had a nice breather after last month's Megaupload blitzkrieg, so it's apparently time for more vengeance: the Boston Police Department's site is defaced to hell.


Anonymous claims the attack is a response to Occupy Boston police brutality, in addition to their general fuck the police ethos:

Is that it? Hell no, there is plenty more mayhem to deliver for this
#FuckFBIFriday. Do you remember a few months ago when #antisec attaked the
Boston Police and released hundred of passwords in retaliation for the brutality
against Occupy Boston? They clearly ignored our warnings, because not only did
they raid the camp again and kicked protesters off of public parks, but they
also sent undercover TSA agents to assualt and attempt to steal from some
organizers. So you get your kicks beating protesters? That's OK; we get kicks
defacing and rm'n your websites - again., the "Boston Poice
Department Virtual Community" also fell to the swift merciless veangeance of the
hive. Do you really want to step to this??

One of Anonymous' quasi-official Twitter accounts says "Still more to come today," so don't be surprised if more cops come under the hack hammer.

Update: The Syracuse Police Department's website is completely down in an apparent side-attack by Anonymous.



Good, fuck Boston PD. Just paid a 75 dollar PARKING ticket to those assholes, because at 4:02PM I was in a "no standing zone 4PM to 6PM". Got to my car at 4:12. 75 bucks?! Ended up being 100 by the time I paid it becuase I'm poor and there was a late fee.