Another Star Trek villain rumor, plus an epic photo from Simon Pegg's Paul!

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A source offers hints on Star Trek's next villain...and it won't be Khan. Find out what three genres The Flash movie will include. Cuarón's Gravity may be in trouble again. Plus Paul, X-Men: First Class, BSG, The Hobbit and Megamind.


The Flash:

Screenwriter Marc Guggenheim drops a few hints about this film:

We're being true to the old Barry Allen science/police background... We're being true to those origins and updating them for the 21st century. I feel like in many ways, the movie sort of is three movies in one. It's part thriller, like forensic cool Seven/Silence of the Lambs, part superhero movie, and part sports movie, because there's an athleticism to this character that other superheroes don't have... And you get to see how all three of those elements inform each other and make for a better movie.

And he says he's a big fan of Mike Baron's run on The Flash, which gave Wally West a lot of character defects. [Newsarama]

Star Trek:

Major grain of salt time, but there's a new rumor about the villain of this sequel. A site called Badass Digest claims an inside source told them the villain won't be Khan — instead, it'll be some semi-villain from the original series, like Trelaine, or Harry Mudd, or Garry Mitchell, or the Talosians or the Horta. They can't be more specific for now. [Badass Digest via Cinemablend]


Here are a couple of new pics from Simon Pegg's alien encounter comedy, including a tense standoff with a helicopter where you can just make out the alien. [IGN]



The more trouble this Alfonso Cuarón-directed astronaut film gets into, the more we want to see it. The latest is that Robert Downey Jr., the one star who hasn't bailed on this project, may have to drop out due to scheduling problems. Unlike the film's female lead, though, Downey Jr.'s part is a supporting role. Says Deadline,

The film's heroine is a space station team member hellbent on finding her way back to earth and her daughter, after the station is destroyed by a debris field from an exploded asteroid.



X-Men First Class:

Jennifer Lawrence says she'll only be spending 10% of her screen time in full Mystique makeup. [Hollywood Elsewhere]


The Thing:

Fans who were worried this would be a "Spring Break version" of The Thing should relax, say stars Joel Edgerton and Eric Christian Olsen. (Not even sure what this means — maybe it's a reference to the fact that there are two female characters.) In any case, you can stop worrying about the Spring Break thing. [MTV]


The Hobbit:

Want to watch a 16-minute segment on the battle over whether this film will stay in New Zealand, including interviews with Peter Jackson et al.? Here you go. [Moviefone]


Here are a couple of new clips from this Will Ferrell/Brad Pitt/Tina Fey superhero comedy.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn:

Werewolf actor Alex Meraz says this film is being shot in two sections: two months in Baton Rouge, and then some filming in Vancouver — and the wolf pack is only in the Vancouver section. (Presumably the parts with the snowy mountains and stuff.) Asked what's next for his character, he responds: "More abs — sprayed-on abs. More grease to make the abs look better. Not a lot more clothing than usual." [Access Hollywood]


The Dark Crystal 2:

Artist Brian Froud, who was working on the screenplay and designs for the long-delayed sequel, says there's still hope that it'll happen. "We're still hoping for the best." The film would feature Jen, Kira, the Mystics and the villanous Skeksis — who would be supercharged, like you've never seen them before. [YouTube]



So a recent promo made it look as though Olivia's definitely getting home to "our" universe in November — but the producers say the Fox promo department jumped the gun:

"[Olivia] will return eventually," [Jeff] Pinkner said. "Sometime between November and, oh, say, the end of time," [Akiva] Goldsman joked.



Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome:

A few more details about this latest BSG spinoff. We may meet younger versions of some characters we know, and we may also meet ancestors of some familiar characters. But there are tons of new characters, the most fascinating of which is Beka Kelly, whom producer David Eick describes as "an enigmatic, seemingly impenetrable software genius who gives Adama a run for his money in more ways than one." [L.A. Times]



And here are a ton of promo pics from tonight's "False Labor". [SpoilerTV]

The Sarah Jane Adventures:

Here's a bunch of promo pics from "The Empty Planet." [BlogtorWho]


There will be a huge upcoming twist regarding something that's missing — and just from the way it's phrased, and going by the most recent episode, I'd bet the missing something is Sam's soul. [E! Online]


Want some more clues about the Sam situation? Here's a clip from Friday's new episode.

Here's what happens in the Nov. 5 episode, "Family Matters":

Dean believes his grandfather is harboring a secret and reluctantly goes on a hunt with him, which goes horribly awry.


[TV Guide]


Jane Badler, who plays Anna's mom, has increased her commitment to this series. Instead of just four episodes, she'll be in all 10 episodes of the season — and she starts baring teeth and drawing blood almost immediately. [TV Guide]


Yet another batch of set pics. [TheVSite]


Once again, no sign that Michael Rosenbaum is getting ready to come back to Smallville — the producers and Tom Welling have asked him to come back, and he hasn't signed on. And meanwhile, Teri Hatcher is heartbreaking as Ella Lane — her storyline is based on the real-life story of someone close to one of the show's crew members, who found out she was dying, so she made some videos for her child. [E! Online]


Here's a sneak peek from Friday's new episode, which won't resolve the "is the Scarecrow in this episode or what?" question:

And here's a set of screencaps. [SpoilerTV]

No Ordinary Family:

J.J.'s superpowered secret comes out, and meanwhile Jim is keeping a secret from Stephanie. And the Powells' new neighbors have a secret of their own — either some more superpowers, or something more sinister. [E! Online]


Meanwhile, good news for this show — ABC has ordered a full season. [KSiteTV]

Welcome back, Fred! Amy Acker is guest starring in the upcoming episode "No Ordinary Mobster":

Jim's secret identity is at risk when he tries to take down a dangerous mobster who has eluded George for years; Stephanie continues to look into Dr. Volson's previous research of a mysterious plant – against Dr. King's wishes; Daphne convinces a reluctant JJ to use his powers to help her become more knowledgeable in order to impress a boy; and JJ goes to extreme measures to help Katie get a date.



Here are some promo pics from episode six, "No Ordinary Visitors." [SpoilerTV]

And some promo pics from episode seven, "No Ordinary Mobster." [SpoilerTV]

True Blood:

The season four premier episode will be titled "She's Not There." [SpoilerTV]



Ghost in the Machine

Harry Mitchell? Is that Gary Mitchell's younger brother who vows vengeance on Kirk for killing his brother? Played by Seth Rogan, of course.