AntiSec Slams Arizona Cops (Again) with Super Personal Data Spill

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Looks like last week's "Chinga La Migra" strike against the Arizona Border Police was only part one—the sequel's landed today, and this time it's personal. Like, really personal: Anonymous is claiming social security numbers, girlfriend pics, and more.


The dumps contents—if they're authentic—will be a massive slap not only to the integrity of Arizona's state security, but the lives of its police force. Sayeth Anonymous, in "Chinga La Migra Communique Dos":

In this second bulletin, we're dumping booty pirated from a dozen Arizona police officer's personal email accounts looking specifically for humiliating dirt. This leak has names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, social security numbers, online dating account info, voicemails, chat logs, and seductive girlfriend pictures belonging to a dozen Arizona police officers. We found more internal police reports, cops forwarding racist chain emails, k9 drug unit cops who use percocets, and a convicted sex offender who was part of FOP Maricopa Lodge Five.

We also hit the AZDPS spokesperson Stephen Harrison who been bragging to the news about how they are upgrading their security and how they will catch the evil hackers who exposed them. Clearly not secure enough, because we owned his personal hotmail, facebook and accounts and dumped all his personal details for the world to see. The same fate will meet anyone else who tries to paint us as terrorists in an Orwellian attempt to pass more pro-censorship or racial-profiling police state laws.

Like the first AZ attack, this one's equally politically motivated, angled against policies Anonymous considers racist and wrong. So what's the AntiSec endgame in Arizona? Anonymous says it'll continue to target

Police officers who lock people up for decades, who get away with brutality and torture, who discriminate against people of color, who make and break their own laws as they see fit. We are making sure they experience just a taste of the same kind of violence and terror they dish out on an every day basis. Our advice to you is to quit while you still can and turn on your commanding officers before you end up in our cross hairs next, because we're not stopping until every prisoner is freed and every prison is burned to the ground.

Dramatic! That last bit certainly isn't happening anytime soon, so expect more of this down the line.

Again, we can't authenticate the dump's contents at the moment, but if true, Anonymous is going to have some serious law enforcement ire pointed in its direction. [AnonymousIRC]


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They're focusing on the wrong people. Don't attack the pawns who only follow orders, attack thge big dogs that actually make the horrible policies.

And if there are a few baddies among the officers, don't punish all the good ones with them. That's a BS move.

If you know someone is doing wrong, punish them. If you can't pinpoint those doing wrong, then how confident are you that something wrong is going down?