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Apple App Store Adds "Try Before You Buy" Listing of Existing Free and "Lite" Apps

Illustration for article titled Apple App Store Adds Try Before You Buy Listing of Existing Free and Lite Apps

The Apple App Store now has a "Try Before You Buy" section that lists free and "lite" versions of popular apps. The idea is that this'll simplify deciding if a paid app is worth buying.


Of course, this isn't a change of policy on apps or an addition of trials, it's just the addition of a section which lists existing free and "lite" versions of apps. [9 to 5]

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A Hackintosh Pro

It would be amazing if they removed the "LITE" mark and the "COMPLETELY FREE VERSION" off of the app name and icon, respectively. It pisses me off when my friends have 5 pages of "LITE" apps on their iPhone 3GS, then ask me why it's so slow. I want to punch them in the face.