Apple Applies for Patent on MultiTouch Interface for Laptops, Too

Illustration for article titled Apple Applies for Patent on MultiTouch Interface for Laptops, Too

Apple is a further tinkering with its MultiTouch interface, now showing how it might be implemented on a Macbook Pro in a patent application that extends the idea from an earlier filing in 2004. No, you won't be smudging up that gleaming screen with your pasty paws—the touchscreen on this Macbook is not actually a touchscreen at all, but a seriously widened touchpad.


This one's going to take some software and hardware wizardry to make it functional, though, because you don't want your palms and hands activating the touchpad at inopportune moments. On the hardware side, Apple plans to embed sensors that can determine where your hands are and what they're doing, eliminating the problem before it starts.

Accompanying this hardware might be Apple's unusually complicated multi-touch software scheme, a dictionary full of gestures that's brilliant in its simplest form but as complex as playing a Rachmaninoff piano concerto when extended to the max. [PC Joint]


How is it that Apple can be a leader in design and fit/finish, and employ a patent artist who either tapes his pencil to his elbow and draws while being suspended from a ceiling fan, or has his 4 year old's slightly slower best friend draw it for him?