Apple Cellphone Thingy Update: It's "iMobile"...Nyaaat

If you're not reading this on Gizmodo, you're on a splog.

Late Saturday, iPhone Insider made a bold proclamation:
"Apple has acquired the name "iMobile" for its upcoming cellphone."

It quickly rose to Digg's homepage. Seems like straightforward times in rumorville. Except the original iPhone Insider blog is fake. All posts, save that last rumor post, were pulled word-for-word from Gizmodo. It's a splog.

Eight hours later, Apple Gazette put forth proof that there are eight trademarks on iMobile, and that none of them belong to Apple. Points for common sense, and reporting.


Digg iMobile stories [digg]

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I dont think that icell will work maybe iThing??