Apple Changing the Way It Ranks Apps Is a Bloomin' Good Idea

How do you define quality? Is it the number of people who've downloaded a fart app, or the number of positive reviews it's had? Apple's said to be changing the way it organizes its app rankings, with a greater emphasis on people who are actually using and loving the app. It makes sense; I'm only surprised it's taken Apple this long to roll the new algorithm out. [Gigaom]


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Thank God. I used to play a game that I won't mention the name of. It was really fun and totally free. Soon, they started selling things in the app to make the game easier which I thought was OK. Then they included an ad bar which I was OK with because the game was fun and the creator deserved a little dough for their work. Then finally, video ads would pop up (the same one), every 90 seconds and interrupt the game. The app started with a 4.5 stars when it was totally free and has been getting a 1 star and complaints for over 6 months of complaints but the overall rating is still 4 stars.

After seeing this scenario play out, I lost all confidence in the star system. Hopefully this change will fix that perception.