Apple Confirms $179 Battery Swap Cost for 17" MacBook Pro

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We just confirmed with Apple that swapping out the 17" MacBook Pro's non-removable battery will cost $179. Fortunately, says Apple, the swap might not be needed for a long time:


From a spokesperson at Apple:

It will likely be years before you need to replace it (1000 cycles at 200 cycles/year = 5 years). You can have the battery replaced at any Apple Store or Apple-authorized reseller. The replacement battery is priced at $179, which includes installation of the new battery and environmentally-responsible disposal of the old battery.

The non-removable MacBook Air battery costs $129 to replace, though the lifespan is not promised to be as great. [Apple]



Couldn't they just make it run on Duracells?

Seriously, why does a fraking battery cost $179? It's a battery. If Duracell marketed like this, a AA cell would cost $15.

I've never had a laptop whose batteries lasted a year, after that, it's like 15 minutes. Where are my fuel cells!